• 'Owlbear' Heartshorn

    'Owlbear' Heartshorn

    Owlbear Hartshorn is a large man with meaty fists. He has some signs of tarring and feathering along his shoulders and back.
  • Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop

    Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop

    A fat, grimy bulk of a man with poor hygene and a tatse for rum.
  • Cut-throat Grok

    Cut-throat Grok

    Grok is a reedy half-orc with a huge scar across her neck who favors dark clothing. She carries a notched greataxe and an array of throwing axes hangs from her belt.
  • Habbly 'Stitchman' Quarne

    Habbly 'Stitchman' Quarne

    The Stitchman wears nondescript clothing and often a hat on deck. His beard and hair are trimmed and functional.
  • Mr. Scourge

    Mr. Scourge

    Master Scourge is a sneering man with a braided beard and a mouth full of gold teeth. His body is tall and thin, and even his long coat and heavy boots fail to give any impression of strength or bulk.
  • Peppery Longfarthing

    Peppery Longfarthing

    The Wormwood's Sailing Master keeps to herself and doesn't interact with the crew. She is a tall, thin pretty human woman in a wide hat and long cloak
  • Riaris


    Krine’s skin is darkened from countless days on deck under the sun, and her nose has the appearance of having been broken several times over. One of her legs has been replaced with a wooden peg leg.